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At The Plumbing Place Inc., in Sarasota, Fla., we have an assortment of kitchen, bathroom and outdoor kitchen accessories available. Our plumbing showroom makes it possible for you to see a plumbing accessory before you make a purchase. We have a team of employees who can help you find the best accessories to make cooking or bathing easier. For your outdoor kitchen, you might want to have a sink with hot and cold running water in order to wash dishes outside your home. In order to have hot water, you will need a point-of-use water heater that is connected to a water source underneath the sink.

Our Plumbing Warehouse Is Filled With Fixtures

In a home’s bathroom, you may need to have a faucet with handles that are easy to use when someone has arthritic hands. If you want to fill large pans with water in your kitchen, then you will want a deeper kitchen sink. In order to install faucets, water heaters and sinks, our customers must have the correct pipes and connectors. Our plumbing supply team can help customers find the correct items for installing new fixtures inside or outside a home.

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