The Plumbing Place Carries Quality Kitchen Sinks For Your Home!

At The Plumbing Place, we sell a wide selection of kitchen and bath fixtures. Our lineup of kitchen sinks is comprised of exclusive brands. This includes brands like Blanco, Houzer, Franke, and Rohl. Sinks range from contemporary in style to functional in purpose. Depending upon your needs, we’re guaranteed to carry the right style and design that suits your kitchen’s decor.

The Plumbing Place: Providing More Options Than Competitors

We provide far more options than the average big box store. Sink styles include top mount, flush-mount, inset, and others. Likewise, materials range from stainless steel to fireclay and copper, among others. Sinks with most shapes, sizes, and dimensions are available through our exclusive brands. We’re proud to offer the highest quality sinks in the industry from trusted brand names.

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New kitchen sinks and other fixtures are added to our website daily

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The 101 on Low Flow Toilets

The bathroom is a large part of your home’s total water usage, so ensuring your plumbing fixtures are in proper working order is essential for conservation. Of course, making updates to your bathrooms is smart for eco-friendly living. While a larger investment, low flow toilets conserve water and reduce your water bills. Using this guide, you will understand how low flow toilets operate to save water and money.

A standard toilet uses 3.5 gallons of water to flush, but a low flow model only needs about 1.5 gallons to flush. This savings is due to a vacuum or gravitational pull to suction out waste. The type of suction depends on the make and model of your low flow toilet, though.

The savings may not seem like a large amount, but it can really add up over time. With a reduction in water usage, you will also experience a financial savings due to the lower monthly water bills.

Investing in low flow toilets is a smart move for your home’s appeal and value, bu

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The bathroom can be difficult to decorate because you need many of the features to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, but you can always find the perfect accessories for your needs through The Plumbing Place. Lighting up the bathroom is important to do, and our lighted mirrors can be a much-loved addition to your space. These are lovely features that are available in several different styles, and they are designed to be both stylish and functional for your needs.

A lighted bathroom mirror will be a focal point in your bathroom because of its eye-catching design. Regardless of the style that you choose to use in your bathroom, the lights around the mirror will attract the eye, making the mirror the center of attention in the space. You will love using the mirror on a regular basis because it will make you feel like a celebrity each day, and it will light up your space while you put on makeup or perform other personal hygiene tasks. If you have been looking for the perfect w

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At The Plumbing Place, we understand how important it is to have the right fixtures in your home’s kitchen and bathrooms, and we strive to provide you with an incredible selection of options from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. Through The Plumbing Place, you will have access to affordable or budget-minded options as well as more luxurious or high-end models, and you will be able to select from an extensive range of finishes. We have a beautiful showroom, or you can shop online conveniently from the comfort of your own home.

The faucets and fixtures that you install in your kitchen and bathrooms are anything but an oversight. They will place a functional role in how you use these spaces, and they will be a built-in feature that provides you with long-term aesthetic benefits. Styles available for faucets range from modern and contemporary to ornate, traditional, spa-like and more, and this gives you the incredible ability to find the right features for your home. Now is

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