At our plumbing showroom, we have many kinds of new and innovative ideas for our clients. For example, our new led lighted shower heads and faucets will add style and flair to your bathroom. With our help, it’s easier than ever to create a bathroom that looks great. At our plumbing warehouse, our clients can find lots of new ideas for their home that help them get the updated bathroom they have always wanted. With our assistance, it’s possible to find lots of different home items such as shower heads an faucets that are modern, elegant and easy to use.

Our Products

Our plumbing supply products are made from the finest materials available. This makes them durable, easy to install and ideal for any home. It also allows us to offer high end products such as lighted shower heads that allow the user to see the fine details in each product. Lighted shower heads are ideal in bathrooms that may not otherwise have much light. The light is a modern touch that many of our clients use as it helps the rest of the bathroom look modern. Let us show you how we can help update your entire bathroom today.

Find a selection of various toilets that suit your needs and style tastes in our plumbing showroom. We offer everything from old-fashioned models for historical homes to standard flush models and even dual flush or electronic fixtures. Our plumbing warehouse is well stocked with everything needed to update or renovate your bathrooms.

Different Types of Toilets Explained

Standard flush toilets use no more than 1.6 gallons of water to empty the bowl after use. They come in a wide variety of styles and colors, but their operating mechanism does not vary by much. The flush depends on gravity to complete.

Dual flush toilets offer the user a choice of flush styles. These environmentally conscious fixtures use either less than 1 gallon or water or the standard 1.6 gallons depending on what needs flushing.

Electronic toilets indicate controls in the toilet seat that operate both the flush and a bidet or washlet attachment. These assist with cleanliness without the need for installing a separate bidet fixture. Plumbing supply sources like us at The Plumbing Place offer multiple styles to suit every need.

A long soak after a hard day is a welcome experience. Many people look forward to the soothing waters. This is one of many reasons why the soaking tubs have risen in popularity. We can help you find the right soaking tub for your needs. At our plumbing showroom, we offer all kinds of varieties from many top companies. We’ll be happy to show you in our plumbing warehouse all kinds of models that might be just right for your personal needs. We have the latest models you want at a great price that we know you can afford.

Our Top Brands

We offer top brands at our company. Come visit us in person. Our brands include Jacuzzi and Kohler. We’ll show you around our studio and let you determine what kind of soaking tub you might like. Our skilled sales people know the kinds of brands that people like. They will help you decide which particular type of soaking tub might be ideal for your home. Each salesperson knows the details of all our upscale models. They’ll walk you through the soaking tubs available. We can help you determine what kind of soaking tub you’ll really like.

At The Plumbing Place, we believe that bathrooms should always do more than merely serve the purpose of basic body maintenance. A bathroom should be a retreat within your home that provides comfort and long-lasting health benefits as well.

The key to creating a more comfortable, healthy space is to update various elements of the interior, such as the sink, toilet, tub/shower, cabinets, lighting, hardware and fixtures, to match your personal design preferences, the limitations of the space and your physical needs. For example, if you own a smaller, darker bathroom, brighten your mood and the space with a light mirror or wall light fixtures that simulate natural sunlight. Additionally, never forget that bathtubs are designed for resting and relaxation in addition to cleaning: Give yourself the gift of an in-home massage every time you bathe by installing a luxurious hydrotherapy or whirlpool tub.

You can find all of these options and more in our 6,000-square-foot plumbing showroom that’s arranged to help you to see in-person the specific designs, styles and colors available in our classic/traditional and contemporary product inventory. We also offer an Architectural Hardware Division that contains thousands of name brand high-end hardware options. Additionally, you never have to worry again about waiting weeks for shipments. Our plumbing warehouse is stocked with a wide selection of products and accessories, which makes it easy for us to supply you with the items that you choose in a fast and convenient fashion.

Stop by our showroom at The Plumbing Place on Fruitville Road, Sarasota, FL, or contact a member of our experienced team to visit your home and help you choose the plumbing supply items you need to get started with turning your bathroom into a retreat today.

The newest features for your bathroom

Many homeowners want to have the latest in toilets and bidets. Doing so can make any bathroom more updated. When updating a bathroom, it’s a good idea to keep in mind the kid of bathroom the customer wants. At our plumbing supply company, we offer many kinds of bidets and toilets. Clients can come to our plumbing warehouse to choose from different kinds of items for their bathrooms. We offer the latest and most updated styles for those who want to find a company that will work with them and help them update their bathrooms. Our plumbing showroom is a goldmine of ideas.

New Features

Those in search of new features in their toilet and bidet need look no further than our showroom. We help buyers learn about what kinds of features are on the market right now. With out help, it’s easier than ever to explore the world of plumbing and create a fully updated and modern bath. We can show our clients what will work for them and the plans they have in mind for their bathroom. We can also help demonstrate to our clients why the newest and latest trends are just right for any homeowner today.

Master bathroom retreats

Creating a master bathroom retreat provides any homeowner with the opportunity to turn their home into a showplace. Many homeowners want a fully updated bathroom with the all latest in luxury upgrades. At our plumbing showroom, we have the newest trends for homeowners to see in person. We offer luxurious, elegant spaces. With our help at our plumbing supply company, it’s easy to see how to get the bathroom of your dreams. Our plumbing warehouse is constantly being updated in order to help our clients discover modern looks. Let us show you new trends that you’ll love.

Larger and Elegant

Larger and elegant baths are in vogue today. Savvy consumers know they can find luxurious fixtures that fit right in with their other decor choices. Consumers today are increasingly look for something that is both larger and yet wonderfully elegant. Larger tubs help create a spa like feel in any bathroom, creating the sense of a retreat from the world. High end, modern finishes are also popular today. Many homeowners look for designs that are sleek and help the room feel polished and sophisticated. A larger tub with an elegant finish is one that many homeowners today find very appealing.

How Sarasota, Florida, Plumbing Supply makes your Kitchen Sparkle

How Sarasota, Florida, Plumbing Supply makes your Kitchen Sparkle
Creating a new-look kitchen need not use tones of money. You also do not require a complete overhaul of the kitchen to improve the appearance of the worn-out cooking area. If you wish to turn your tired kitchen into a sparkling room, you will only need to visit a Sarasota, Florida, plumbing warehouse to purchase fashionable and up-to-date towel racks, hooks, cabinet locks, handles, sinks, drawers, knobs, taps, and window-dressing hardware.

Plumbing Supply to replace Mismatched Kitchen Fixtures

Your kitchen can look old-fashioned because the fittings appear mismatched. The only action you require is to view the eye-catching, colorful, energy-saving, trendy kitchen fittings your Sarasota, FL, plumbing showroom offers to renew your kitchen.

Instead of pumping thousands of dollars and spending several months in a kitchen remodeling project, you can have an affordable, time-friendly Plumbing Place plumbing supply that renews your kitchen and bathrooms in just a few days. Once you get modern fittings from the plumbing warehouse, you can proceed with the makeover exercises below:

• Apply fresh wall and drawer paint coat.

• Replace the old, grimy, and loose appliances on the kitchen cabinets.

• Fix the stylish and shiny fittings to make the kitchen look beautiful quickly.

The impact the shiny plumbing supply creates will surprise you!

Plumbing Features

There are many types of plumbing fixtures that are available today. However, it is important for you to select features that will withstand the test of time. Not only will the plumbing fixtures last a long time, but they will also help you save money. If you are in need of new plumbing fixtures for your home, then you will need to contact The Plumbing Place of Sarasota. We also have door hardware and cabinet hardware. We have a wide selection of plumbing fixtures for you to choose from. We will help you find plumbing fixtures that blend in with your kitchen or bathroom.

Steam Systems

Steam systems offer everyone a personal spay experience in their own bathrooms. They are the perfect additions to any bathroom remodel and any home. If you are looking to add a steam system to your home, you need to start by finding a reliable bathroom showroom.

The main reason people add steam systems to their showers is the relaxation steam brings. The steam helps relax the muscles and makes the stress of daily living melt away. One of its hidden benefits is the fact the body releases endorphins as the blood pumps after a steam shower. Those endorphins help relax you mentally and emotionally. Other benefits of regular steam use include clear skin, improved circulation, easier breathing, and faster recovery after exercise.

To get the benefits of steam, you will need to have the system installed into your home. That requires a plumbing supply company as well as a reputable contractor. It does mean adding piping in the walls and steam equipment in your utility area. The best time to add a steam system is when building a house or doing a major bathroom renovation.

The Plumbing Place is a full plumbing showroom where you can see steam systems for yourself.

Durable Bathroom Furniture

Durable Bathroom Furniture

At The Plumbing Place Inc., in Sarasota, Fla., we have a large plumbing showroom that contains specialized bathroom furniture. The bathroom in your home in Florida will become damp and humid, so you can’t use wooden kitchen cabinets, storage shelving or chairs. At our plumbing warehouse, we stock an assortment of bathroom furniture that is rated properly for dampness so that the items won’t warp or develop mold growth. If you want to design a unique bathroom that has a makeup vanity, then look at our huge plumbing supply.

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When you have a huge bathroom inside your home, you can create different zones for styling your hair or applying makeup. In addition, you can create storage systems using the proper bathroom furniture from our plumbing showroom. If you have a tiny bathroom in a home, then it is imperative to add storage devices around the toilet, sink or bathtub so that you have a place for bath linens and beauty care supplies. In our plumbing showroom, you can find durable bathroom furniture that has a modern or vintage appearance. Visit The Plumbing Place today to see our beautiful selection of bathroom furniture.