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At the Plumbing Place in Sarasota, Fla., we have the largest plumbing showroom in the state where our customers can actually see and touch fixtures such as kitchen sinks and faucets. If you are building a new home or remodeling an older home, then looking at plumbing supply fixtures is essential to choose the items that you like the best. Updating or designing a bathroom or kitchen is an exciting time for our customers, but walking through a plumbing warehouse is often confusing. Fortunately, our employees are available to help you make a decision or to answer questions.

Large Plumbing Warehouse

Some plumbing showrooms have only a few specialized items, making it difficult for a homeowner to choose bathroom or kitchen fixtures that are complementary, but at the Plumbing Place, you can find everything needed for a new construction project or renovation. In addition to sinks, toilets and bathtubs, you can find lighting fixtures, cabinet hardware and medicine cabinets. In addition to having a huge plumbing warehouse that is stocked with products, we can order items directly from well-known manufacturers. Our customers are able to transport merchandise on their own, or you can request a special delivery.

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The Plumbing Place is a reputable company that’s based in the heart of sun-kissed Sarasota, Florida on Fruitville Road. We specialize in all different types of high-quality plumbing fixtures. If you’re looking to revamp your bathroom or kitchen, we have many options that can help you out. If you’re moving to a brand new residence and want to make sure your upcoming bathroom or kitchen shines, we have just as many choices that can cater to you. We can assist homeowners who want modern and attractive kitchen sinks. We can help people who want to find sophisticated and reliable showerheads for their bathrooms as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping around for a first-rate bidet, toilet, bathroom light, bathtub, medicine cabinet, bathroom sink or mirror. We have many choices that should be right up your alley. We also sell a vast selection of convenient bathroom accessories.

The Plumbing Place is currently hosting a contest that showcases imaginative new concepts. Contact us as soon as possible to present us with any and all of your exciting bathroom and kitchen product suggestions! We can’t wait to hear from you. This contest began on October 11th, 2016 and lasts until January 20th, 2017.

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When you think about remodeling a bathroom, you might think that the only option of a bathtub or shower is something that is simple or that has a plain design. There are several designs available when it comes to the tubs and showers that you can install, giving the bathroom a unique look that the family enjoys. There are free-standing tubs with tile and other materials that surround the tub as well as showers that don’t connect to a tub at all. There are ceramic tubs and those that feature a modern design that will make the bathroom stand out from those that you see in other homes. We offer a large selection of tubs and shower systems to make your bathroom a dream…visit our showroom in Sarasota, Florida and let us help you create a bath retreat that will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Kitchen Sink Faucets – we have them all!

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. From preparing food to having family conversations over breakfast, we cannot ignore its role in the home setting. A good looking and functional kitchen makes the home complete.

The kitchen faucet is one of the fixtures we use the most. From washing hands, filling a pasta pot, rinsing dishes to washing vegetables, the kitchen faucet does a great deal of work every day. However, most people take it for granted. They pay little or no attention to details while choosing the kitchen faucet.

When selecting a kitchen faucet, consider the entire design of your kitchen. Additionally, take into consideration the type of sink you have installed and your needs in general. At The Plumbing Place, we have made the task simpler for you. We stock a wide variety of kitchen faucets from over 20 world renowned brands.

Our kitchen faucets are handpicked to ensure we maintain the highest level of quality. We have a wide variety to choose from bearing in mind the different needs and tastes of individual clients. We seek to deliver long-lasting kitchen faucets that not only look good in your kitchen but give you the best service possible.

Customer satisfaction is our main goal. Therefore, we strive to ensure that we provide safe and reliable kitchen sink faucets at reasonable prices. Give your kitchen a facelift by choosing the right faucet.

A kitchen sink can be more than functional; it can beautifully complement a luxurious kitchen. Traditional stainless steel and porcelain sinks are practical and efficient but today there are more choices than ever that offer something special for those that want a unique kitchen.

SILGRANITE sinks by Blanco are made of 80 percent natural granite combined with acrylic, ceramic, and color pigments. They are heat, scratch, dent, and discoloration resistant. As hard as stone, they can withstand exposure to sunlight. Stone has a primitive, yet rich feel that you can’t find in other sink materials.

Copper sinks are becoming one of the hottest trends in the kitchen. Copper has a luster that makes each sink a work of art as well as the rustic old-world charm to make your kitchen feel warm and inviting. Each sink ages differently making each one of a kind piece that will only get better with age.

We also offer decorative inset apron sinks that have a look all their own. Designs range from elegant to artistic to meet any decorative needs. The sink becomes a functional design element that can become a focal point of the room.

Our company only offers premium products that you can trust. We want to help you customize your home by choosing top-of-the-line products that will enhance the look and feel of your bathroom or kitchen. Luxury and style go hand in hand with our high end products.

You can pick out a ceiling mounted or wall mounted shower head that will provide comfort and accuracy. When it comes to your faucets, you can pick out one that will match the decor of your kitchen or bathroom while providing you with a steady stream of water whenever you need it to. If you are in the market for a new toilet, we are proud to offer state-of-the-art options that are made to last.

We offer a wide variety of faucets for your bathroom or kitchen area. You can find premium brands like GROHE, Jacio, and ROHL when you shop with us. When you want a unique look, we can help. Whether you are looking for a style that incorporates the look of nature or a faucet that will look edgy and original, we are sure to have what you need.

The products that we offer are made to last for years, so you can have peace of mind that you are making a smart investment when you purchase any of our premiere faucets. The items that we offer are made by some of the most skilled craftsman out there, and you can be sure that your bathroom or kitchen will have a high end look with the help of any of our quality products.

From faucets for the sink to fittings for the toilet, we offer a little bit of everything in the way of bathroom furniture. We want to make sure you have all of the functional equipment that is needed for the bathroom as well as any decorative touches that you might desire to bring out the personality in the room. We offer faucets for the bathtub in numerous designs from modern to elegant. There is also a large selection of shower rods, ceramic sinks, tubs and hardware. We have everything that you would need to outfit a bathroom of any size in the home.

When it comes to kitchen faucets, we carry the highest quality, most sought-after brands and designs available. Each adds to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen and comes in different styles and finishes to meet your needs. Among the brands we offer is Dornbracht, Grohe, Rohl, and Sigma. These top-of-the-line kitchen faucets look incredible and function beautifully in your home. Best of all, they’re made from the best quality materials and crafted with care so they’re able to be used for years. Who doesn’t like a faucet that looks fantastic and works well inside their beautiful kitchen?

Your sink is a vital component of the design of your bathroom or kitchen. If you want your bathroom to truly shine, you should make a point to select a sink finish that represents your personality and tastes. We offer a vast selection of distinctive sink finishes here at The Plumbing Place on Fruitville Road in Sarasota, Florida. If you’re interested in attractive and memorable sink finishes, our business won’t fail you.

Some examples of the sink finishes that are available here include copper, stainless steel and wood. These sink finishes all have their own one-of-a-kind advantages. Copper sink finishes, for example, can be excellent for people who want bathrooms that appear timeless and majestic. If you want your bathroom to look refined and practically regal, our copper sink finishes may work perfectly for you. Stainless steel finishes are also available here at The Plumbing Place. These sink finishes are just as beloved with our customers. These sink finishes look modern and classic at the same time. They work great for people who appreciate sleek and cool sophistication. If you’re a fan of contemporary style, we might be able to provide you with a stainless steel sink that’s optimal for your home design wishes. Our wood sink finishes are also extremely popular. These types of bathroom sink finishes can work well for people who like interior design schemes that are both warm and homey.

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