The Benefits of Lighted Mirrors and No Touch Faucets

The Benefits of Lighted Mirrors and No Touch Faucets

When you want to update a bathroom easily, you can install a lighted mirror above the sink’s countertop. Having a lighted mirror makes it easier to style your hair, apply makeup or shave a beard. To avoid an electrical shock, it is safer to have lights in a mirror rather than trying to use a separate lamp in your bathroom. Lighted mirrors are appropriate for the bathrooms in homes in addition to the bathrooms at a spa or hotel. While installing a lighted mirror, consider adding a no touch faucet to make it faster to wash your hands without using a faucet’s handles.

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No touch faucets are also fantastic in the kitchen so that you won’t contaminate a faucet’s handles with grease or other food debris. At The Plumbing Place Inc., in Sarasota, Fla., we have a huge plumbing showroom that makes it easy to look at lighted mirrors and no touch faucets. In most cases, you can order an item immediately because it is stored in our plumbing warehouse. We can also order bathroom or kitchen fixtures from plumbing supply companies.

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