The Best Accessible Bathroom Features

The Best Accessible Bathroom Features
There are a range of options when it comes to accessible bathrooms to accommodate individuals with disabilities. For starters, the bathroom entrance must be wheelchair accessible, which requires a width of approximately 36”. However, 32” is the minimum according to ADA guidelines. Additionally, instead of traditional doors, sliding doors are more practical.

There are two considerations for the toilet, which include shape and height. The toilet seat must align with the chair height at 17” to 18” and have a bowl that’s oval shaped. Grab bars must be properly installed in order to ensure they can support more than 250 pounds. In some instances, reinforcements are required to optimize the safety of grab bars.

Given the obstructions that often prevent a person with a disability from entering the bathtub or shower, either the original design should be properly fitted or a device should be added for access. Roll-in or step-in showers are a great accommodation for easy wheelchair access.

Another accommodation for wheelchair users is sink height, which should not be higher than 34”, according to ADA guidelines. Additionally, there must be space provided under the sink with a clearance of 27”. It’s also best to use levers for the sink because they can be turned on and off with greater ease.

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