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If you are building a new home in Florida, then make sure to visit The Plumbing Place in Sarasota. We have a huge plumbing showroom where you can see an assortment of bathroom and kitchen fixtures. In most cases, the fixtures on display are available in our plumbing warehouse, but we can also order specialty items for fast delivery to your new home. When you are able to build a new home, you want to choose the most attractive kitchen and bathroom fixtures, but looking at photographs of bathtubs, faucets or sinks is not enough to understand how the items look.

Providing Professional Plumbing Advice

Our plumbing supply includes numerous brand-name products so that our customers can find the toilets or shower stalls that they like the best. By visiting a large plumbing showroom, you can find fixtures from different companies while maintaining a cohesive decor. Our customers are able to look closely at plumbing fixtures along with touching the items to determine if the items are appropriate for their new home. Our plumbing warehouse employees can deliver products to do-it-yourselfer’s who are building their own home or to contractors who work for the new homeowners.

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