What Are the Benefits from Taller Toilets?

What Are the Benefits from Taller Toilets?

When you are ready to replace the toilets in your home’s bathrooms, you may want to choose taller toilets. Today, people are getting taller, and it is difficult for them to use short toilets. In addition to being difficult to sit on a shorter toilet, males can have problems with splashing urine, leading to a dirtier bathroom. More homeowners are selecting comfort height toilets for bathrooms to make the process of using the items easier for taller guests. If someone in your home has mobility issues, then sitting on a taller toilet is easier.

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When someone needs to move from a wheelchair to a toilet, having a plumbing fixture that is at the same height can prevent falls that will lead to an injury. Some physicians also believe that a taller toilet is a healthier choice because it promotes the natural functions of the body. To find a taller toilet, you can visit a plumbing supply showroom where there are numerous brands and styles available. The Plumbing Place in Sarasota, Fla., has taller toilets in a warehouse so that you can have the items installed right away.

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