When choosing a faucet for your kitchen or bathroom…

“When choosing a faucet for your kitchen or bathroom, you want one that will last and adds style to your sink area. You want to avoid buying a low-cost discount product, as you’re looking for something durable. Besides just style, the most important things to consider when buying new faucets and handles are its construction and its finish.

The biggest key to a faucet’s construction and durability is the valve. Because it controls the flow of water and is what prevents drips, you want the faucet you buy to have the best possible valve. The best constructed valves are ceramic disk valves, which can make a faucet more expensive, but they are the longest lasting and most durable. Faucets with ceramic disk valves are the best long-term value.

The other major component of a quality faucet is its finish. The best finishes for a faucet are chrome or PVD (Particle Vapor Deposition). While PVD finishes are expensive, they do not scratch or rust and can work well in designs where chrome may look out of place.

If you’re choosing plumbing fixtures in the Sarasota, Florida area, come check out The Plumbing Place. We’ll help you to choose a faucet that will not only last, but also bring extra style to your kitchen or bathroom. Let our plumbing fixture experts help you choose the perfect faucets and more for your home.”

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